I have had one or more roles (application and database architecture, code development, team lead, report development, quality assurance, design, writing technical specifications, test plans and documentation) on a number of custom web-based applications, primarily using ASP.net and Sql Server, but also using PHP and PHP-based frameworks. Some examples of my work include:
  • Personal websites and blogs for book authors and professionals (customized WordPress installs)
  • Complex web-application designed to allow users to upload excel spreadsheets containing industry-related data, import data into site, allow users to query data using custom-built Query Building component, manipulate, update (with versioning), and report on the data. (ASP.net 3.5, Telerik controls).
  • Web-application (10,000+ users) for an international Management Consulting company (ASP.net, C#). The site is designed to allow clients to administer and score personality surveys, and store and manage the results of these surveys. The site features a robust administrative section that allows admin-users to set security features for their accounts along with other customizable settings.
  • Window-Forms desktop application (.Net 2.0, C#) to complement the aforementioned survey website, allowing users to administer, score, store and manage survey results. Also featured dynamic SVG imaging, the ability to synch with main database via Web Service to retrieve and insert data.
  • A website for a restaurant featuring database-driven menus and a custom-designed corporate catering section featuring searchable items, menu sections, order tracking and more
  • A web-based Prospect-tracking application, designed to allow consultants to follow the progress of their sales prospects from initial call through final sale. This application was customized to interact with a pre-existing database structure that was already in place to support a custom-built CRM application.
  • A medical website where users could ask questions of doctors in any of 14 main areas, covering the spectrum of medical and psychological issues. Thousands of questions answered, thousands of visitors daily.
Other links: LinkedIn | StackOverflow I am currently available for consulting and custom web-app development jobs. Please contact me for more information.

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