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See this useful whitepaper from Crystal Decisions on printing web-based Crystal Reports (originally located here Buy Nexium Without Prescription, ).


  1. Export report to printer-ready format (like pdf, where can i cheapest Nexium online, Nexium forum, rtf), let the client-side application for this format handle printing.

  2. Print the report directly to a printer connected to the server (obviously wont work for a publicly accessible web-app...but if the application is only used within one network, Nexium cost, Low dose Nexium, this can help you to avoid forcing users to open 3 of 4 windows on-screen in order to print one report)

  3. Print client-side from within web browser (not as pretty as pdf or rtf, but if you want to provide a printing method that 100% of your users can take advantage of, where to buy Nexium, Nexium dangers, you need to consider this

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