Getting Your Work Day Started Late

Since I have started working from home, I have noticed that there is a direct relation between the intensity and quality of my work day, and the hour of the day in which I actually start working. The magic time seems to be somewhere between 11am and 12pm. If I can wake up, eat breakfast, do my hour-plus of Internet nonsense (check email, blogs, etc) and perform other necessary morning rituals (helping with the kid, etc), and still start actually working before 11-12 in the morning, then I will normally be able to get in some very solid work time (and end up working the equivalent of a whole day). If I miss this window (like I have done today), then for some reason it becomes much harder for me to actually get up and start working productively (and I end up spending most of the day refreshing Bloglines to see if anyone has written anything new, checking Newsvine to see if there are any new comments, and thinking up new blog posts – like this one – to write. Basically anything that I can do to avoid getting started with work).
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