Google Finance Released

Google Finance has now officially entered into beta.

The site has some features that already set it apart from the other main finance sites (yahoo, cnn, marketwatch, reuters, etc). Most of the other sites feature a static display, giving you one look at a companies data (detailed, summary, charts, news, filings, etc) with other option accessible through sidebar navigation.

Google FinanceGoogle takes the general concept (provide useful information about a stock) and makes it much better.

  1. Dynamic AJAX-based charting
    • Click on a time-span, the chart automatically resizes to that span
    • You can see a faded chart of the last five years right above the main chart. The section you are looking at is highlighted. To move to a different section, simply drag the highlighted area. To change your time-spam, drag and drop the edges of the highlighted area. Couldn’t be easier
  2. Dynamic AJAX-based news
    • To the right of the chart, the top news items for the period you are focusing on appear
    • On the chart, there is a letter indicating when each news item occured. This can be very useful when trying to correlate news events with stock events
    • Refresh the chart time-span >> the news items are refreshed
    • If you hover over the “related news items” link for any of the displayed items, it will dynamically display related headlines
  3. Smart layout
    • As mentioned above, most other sites display one piece of content, with links to other content. Google Finance displays all of the content on one screen. Each section dislpays what you would want to see about a company at first glance, with links to more information
      • Company Facts
      • Company Summary
      • Company Financials
      • Management (with AJAX-hover popups to give details about each person)
      • Related Companies
      • More Resources
    • Despite the large amount of items on the page, it is done tastefully – no large graphics, illegible fonts. Plain white background. Easy to read.
  4. No Ads!!
  5. Blog links
    • Find out what blogs are saying about the company.
    • This is such a simple, but useful feature. Every week you hear about how some news released on a blog causes a stock to go up or down 5%. None of the other finance sites have this useful feature.

All things together, Google Finance has come the closest yet from any site on the Internet to providing the optimal balance between showing a user all of the information that they need to know to get a good snapshot of a stock, in an easy-to-use (and useful) interface.