Items of Interest: 2006.04.05

Things I found interesting on April 5, 2006:

  • Contract Changes – Keith Casey tells about some seemingly “draconian” additions he has made to his standard consulting contracts.
  • C# Tivia Quiz Part 1 – From Eric Gunnerson, a list of (some serious, some not serious) questions about C# (via the Daily Grind)
  • 01:02:03 04/05/06 – The way the clocks looked this morning, if you count days with mm/dd/yy. This was from the JOS Discussion group, but it looks like it was moderated out. (I got it from RSS)
  • How I work: Bill Gates – Read about the tools that Bill uses in the office every day. (Wow, three monitors helps productivity? Who woulda thunk it?)
  • Microsoft Says Recovery from Malware Becoming Impossible – “a Microsoft security official said businesses should consider investing in an automated process to wipe hard drives and reinstall operating systems as a practical way to recover from malware infestation.” Ouch.
  • TIOBE Programming Community Index – See what programming languages are most popular (who would have thought that BASIC is more popular than C#) in this search-engine-based unscientific study
  • Fire your Boss! The Successful Home Freelancer’s Guide – From Neil Flanagan and Jarvis Finger @ Sitepoint.

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Items of Interest: 2006.04.04

Things I found interesting on April 4, 2006:

  • CSS Caching Hack – Stefan tells about a good way to make sure that browsers are pulling the most up-to-date stylesheet for a given webpage, and not the cached version
  • Jeff Jaffe’s BlogNovell‘s CTO has started a blog. Hey Jeff: 2700+ words is a bit long for a blog post. Try cutting it down a bit (that is, if you want people to read all the way through. No wonder there are no comments yet). Interestingly enough, he is using WordPress for blogging software, without the Permalinks turned on.
  • 10 rules to manage your boss – Jacque Horovitz provides us with “ten rules that try to answer some common questions asked by managers with respect to managing their bosses, with the aim of helping the relationship become more effective, foster faster decisions, better decisions and more trust”.
  • Cheat Sheet Roundup – From Pete Freitag, links to over 20 different cheat sheets for web developers, covering just about everything other than Microsoft technologies
  • Registration of Controls in Web.Config in 2.0 – from Christopher Pietschmann, a new feature in 2.0 (via Jason Haley)

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Items of Interest: 2006.04.03

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