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Buy Plavix Without Prescription, I am getting ready to move over to a new laptop, so I think that now is a good time to record (both for myself and for anyone else who may find this useful) the list of all the different programs and utilities that I have installed on my computer that I find useful (or necessary) enough to reinstall on the new box.

Coding & General Dev

  1. Visual Studio 2003, buy Plavix no prescription, Buy Plavix online cod, 2005, 2008 - All .net development (I know that 2008 can code for 2005 projects - however, purchase Plavix, Plavix pictures, I need to be able to work on 2005 projects that other coworkers are working on, where they do not have 2008 yet installed and the project file is still in 2005 format).

  2. Visual Assist X - Helps me use VS more efficiently.

  3. CodeSmith - Code Generation

  4. - Host multiple IIS sites on my box

  5. Astrum InstallWizard - Installer packager I use for a WinForms project

  6. DotFuscator Professional - Code Obfuscation

  7. ApexSQL Diff - Diffs and updates for SQL Servers

  8. WMI Code Creator - Generate code to query computer info

  9. Sql Server - I had had 2005, online Plavix without a prescription, Plavix description, I think I will also install 2008 going forward. Don't forget Reporting Services and SSIS (I will try to go with both side-by-side because I still may need to work on 2005-based reports and SSIS jobs going forward, Plavix from canadian pharmacy. Purchase Plavix online no prescription, 2008 will be the instance that I have running locally, though).

  10. VistaDB - Great embedded DB that I use for a Windows Forms app that I work on.

  11. Controls - Various controls packages that I use for & WinForms dev work

    1. Krypton Toolkit/Navigator - WinForms controls

    2. Telerik RadControls - Great web controls

    3. - .net-based vector graphics

    4. DynamicPDF - .net PDF generation


  1. - Great simple, order Plavix online overnight delivery no prescription, Plavix used for, free graphics tool

  2. iTunes

  3. Gimp - Great complicated, free graphics tool

  4. Picasa - Photo management

  5. Flickr Uploader - Get the photos online

  6. Audacity - Audio processing

  7. AndreaMosaic - Create cool photo mosaics

  8. DivX

  9. VLC Media Player


  1. Firefox 3.x - Everyday browser, order Plavix from mexican pharmacy. Comprar en lĂ­nea Plavix, comprar Plavix baratos, Don't forget the following AddIns:

    1. Adblock Plus

    2. Delicious Bookmarks

    3. DownThemAll!

    4. FireBug

    5. FireFTP

    6. Google Toolbar

    7. IE Tab

    8. Live HTTP Headers

    9. SnagIt Extension

    10. URL Fixer

  2. Google Talk Client - IM and Chat

  3. Skype - VOIP

  4. Putty - For the occassional Telnet session

  5. twhirl - For when I get in the mode to Tweet

  6. Windows Live Writer - Blogging from the desktop

Utilities & Misc Apps

  1. MS Office 2007

  2. SysInternals - All the included utilities, especially Process Explorer and AutoRuns

  3. Notepad2 - Must-have

  4. SVN, Plavix cost, Plavix images, AnkhSVN, TortoiseSVN - Local Source Control

  5. SnagIt - Best screen capture tool

  6. BareGrep - Good, buy Plavix from mexico, Plavix class, free, fast grep tool for Windows

  7. TaskSwitchXP Pro - Improved Alt-Tab behavior.

  8. AllSnap - Makes it easier to line up windows next to each other

  9. Virtual CD Control Panel for XP - Mount iso images as virtual drives

  10. Hex Editor - Sometimes necessary

  11. WinMerge - Good, buy Plavix without a prescription, Plavix gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, free Diff/Merge tool

  12. Fiddler HTTP Debugger

  13. KeePass Password Safe - Password encryption and storage

  14. VMWare - Player and Infrastructure Client

  15. ALZip - Zip utility

  16. mTorrent

  17. Google Earth

  18. VSS 6.0 Client - Unfortunately

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  1. Jason Short says:

    Thanks for the nod! Appreciate it.
    I also use Visual Assist X, love it until LINQ and lambda expression came out. It can’t quite get the intellisense on those yet…
    Might also like FileZilla (opensource FTP client) I like it better than the one I was using before.

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