Forgot your Zooomr password?

Good luck finding a way to get it back? Seriously, head over to and try to find a way to retrieve or reset a password (if you find it, I will be humbled and thankful).

I was going to go and try to use your site. I know that I created an account in the past and I don’t want to create another one. There is no excuse nowadays to leave off basic functions like this. A good way to lose potential users and publicity.

Lesson to be learned: when designing web sites, it is not cool to leave off common user interface elements, or move them around on your own initiative to places on the page where a user does not expect them to be. ("But I thought that the title banner would look good in the footer!"). Even if you have really neat Ajax and mobile features, and your site is internationalized and socialized to the hilt, you will still just be left with with frustrated (or no) users.

(Read Defensive Design for Web or Jakob Neilsen if you want some more advice in this area. Also worth reading about what you can learn about typical user behavior from eye-tracking studies.)

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