Google Reader Search has Arrived

I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader a while back (along with thousands of others) when they made their big UI switch. Ever since day one, the feature that I (along with others) have been looking forward to most is a search through my subscriptions. After all, Google is primarily a search company, how could they have a product without a good working search (and think of all the lost Adsense revenue)!

Well, the day has come:

Google Reader Search

(I actually read about this in my Google Reader, looked up and had to refresh my page in order to see a search bar. So it was really a fresh feature).

You can now search through your subscriptions, All items, Starred and Shared items, or any of your folders (!). Although one could say that it is about time, just try to think of the engineering nightmare that this feature must have caused. Every time you are adding or changing your subscriptions, you are changing the field of possible search domains. And although the goal is very similar to Co-op (select the domains to which you would like to limit your custom search) you are not searching through webpages, rather through XML-based RSS feeds (in different formats), so it was not as simple as just copying the same old search engine and results. (I am assuming that the search is going through the RSS feeds, and is not indexing the pages themselves. If this is indeed the case, it is one more point in favor of full feeds instead of partial feeds).

Thanks for the feature and good work!

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