Repeater Failure and Disappearance on Row 28

I was working on an application (1.1) the other day, changing the UI display of a page. This page basically consisted of a Repeater being populated with data from the DB, and binding javascript actions and styling info to the different rows to be output (each overall it was producing a Table, and each item was a TableRow). Although the look-and-feel was going to be changing, as well as the manner in which the data was to be retrieved, the actual data set up and binding was to remain the same as it had been. Piece of cake, right?

The programming was straight-forward enough. When I first tested the feature on a few records, it worked fine. However, when I tested it on more records, it didn’t work. And when I say that it didn’t work, I am not saying that I got back some ugly .Net exception. I mean that the HTML output by the server was completely devoid of the Repeater element. It was as if it just did not exist. Somehow, when I tried the load the page with a large number of records,  some weired thing happened in IIS that just completely abandoned the rendering of the Repeater element without even providing an error message. Completely weird.

After a couple of hours of debugging, I was able to determine that the error was not related to any specific data item. Rather, it always happened when outputting the 28th DataItem in the Repeater. 27 worked fine. 28 killed it. Racking my brain (and Google), I couldn’t find any reason why this would be happening. This exact same repeater worked fine on other pages, on the live site. There was no reason I could think of why this type of failure would happen, and why it would happen here.

My coworker SeanS suggested that perhaps this was related to my dev environment, perhaps some faulty memory or something like that. There was nothing else to go on and this did explain what was going on (and I knew that the feature worked for <28 rows), so I proceeded with development. And lo and behold, when I uploaded my changes to the staging site yesterday, it worked with any number of rows without any hitch-up.

Moral of the story: weird things happen on web servers and on dev machines. Not every error that you get is related to code (especially if the error is reported by the absence of output rather than an exception). If something like this is happening to you (and it is not reproducible on other platforms), it may very well be environment-related. Test this out before wasting more time and energy trying to sort it out through the code.

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