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In response to Jeff Atwoords post Lipitor For Sale, , Mike Gunderloy explained why he is seeking to move away from the Microsoft programming world and into Rails and open source. One sentence stuck out to me from his post:

Now, Lipitor for sale, Real brand Lipitor online, if the Microsofts of the world have their way, we’ll end up with everything in fenced-off gardens: every piece of user interface, Lipitor without a prescription, Lipitor trusted pharmacy reviews, every algorithm, every data structure, Lipitor blogs, Comprar en línea Lipitor, comprar Lipitor baratos, will belong to someone, and will not be available for use unless you pay for it somehow, online Lipitor without a prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa, It will become literally impossible to legally write software without entering into a web of commercial cross-licensing agreements.

When I first read this a few days ago, I thought "Mike is exaggerating a little bit here, Lipitor images. Lipitor pharmacy, Even if Microsoft (and other companies) hold lots of software patents, will they really go so far as to force licenses for every last thing, Lipitor street price. Lipitor used for, Talk about stifling development and pissing off the developers, developers, buy Lipitor without a prescription, Lipitor cost, developers".

Well, looks like Mike was on to something, Lipitor For Sale. A recent article in Fortune magazine said that Microsoft is looking to start enforcing licenses on 235 different patents that they claim are violated by Linux, order Lipitor from United States pharmacy, Where can i order Lipitor without prescription, Open Office and other pieces of Free Open Source Software (FOSS):

Microsoft counters that it is a matter of principle. "We live in a world where we honor, order Lipitor from mexican pharmacy, Fast shipping Lipitor, and support the honoring of, intellectual property, Lipitor alternatives, Buying Lipitor online over the counter, " says Ballmer in an interview. FOSS patrons are going to have to "play by the same rules as the rest of the business, online buy Lipitor without a prescription, Lipitor dangers, " he insists. "What's fair is fair."

Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith and licensing chief Horacio Gutierrez sat down with Fortune recently to map out their strategy for getting FOSS users to pay royalties, ordering Lipitor online. Lipitor For Sale, Revealing the precise figure for the first time, they state that FOSS infringes on no fewer than 235 Microsoft patents.

Where this will go is anyone's guess. Lipitor over the counter, But the cat is officially out of the bag, and if it turns out that these 235 patents are laughable claims covering user interface items that have become completely standardized, order Lipitor online overnight delivery no prescription, Lipitor reviews, moves like this on Microsoft's part will do nothing but engender further segmentation of the programming world into us vs. them, Lipitor price, Lipitor from canadian pharmacy, which brings us back to a statement from Jeff's article as a suggestion for all who have a vested interest in seeing both free and Microsof-based software development continue and progress unhindered:
As a software developer, you're doing yourself a disservice by pledging allegiance to anything other than yourself and your craft-- whether it's Microsoft or the principle of free software, buy Lipitor online cod. Lipitor no prescription, Stop with the us vs. them mentality, Lipitor overnight. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Let go of the partisanship. We're all in this thing together.
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