Items of Interest: 2007-05-31

  • Microsoft vs. from Jamie Cansdale – Jamie gives a full accounting, including all emails exchanged between himself and Microsoft over the past two years of bullying by a Visual Studio PM, while MS tries to get him to stop distributing his Unit Testing framework because of dubious licensing issues (when the real issue is that his free product is superior to what they offer to customers who pay lots of $$)
  • Six ways to write more comprehensible code by Jeff Vogel. Here’s the short version:
    1. Comment smartly – don’t write comments on obvious code, don’t document where it is not necessary
    2. Define your constants rather than just putting ambiguous values into functions
    3. Name your variables wisely
    4. Perform error checking inside your code
    5. Don’t optimize until the functionality is done
    6. Choose to code for understandability versus conciseness.
  • Working hard on getting a new server from Thomas Hawk – The latest round in the “we will be releasing our super duper new version tonight…doh!” saga otherwise known Zooomr. Well, at least they got it up for 10 minutes this before meltdown, poor guys.
  • Google Gears – Google one-ups everyone and releases an open source framework for using webapps when offline (compare this with MS trying their hardest to prevent independent developers from making MS developer tools better).
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