Select All Conversations in Spam

One of the reasons that I really like Gmail is that I know that the development team in Mountain View is pretty active. How do I know? Because every few weeks or months I notice new, helpful, well thought-out features in Gmail that were not there before.

Every few days I go in and clean out my spam folder. Today there were 399 conversations waiting for me. Usually I have to do the following:

  1. Select All 100 conversations on the screen
  2. Delete
  3. Repeat for every screen

I understand why they make you do this, but it still gets annoying when you have a bunch of screens to take care of.

Today when I went to delete my spam conversations, what do I see?

Gmail - Select All Spam

That’s right. You can now select all of my spam conversations and delete them at once. Or don’t. (I did). The nice thing is that there are new features constantly being added with the intention of making my life easier, something only possible with a web application. Thanks Gmail!

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