The Server Failed to Load Application

Due to some bad problems with my main machine, I have been in the process of bringing my backup laptop (Inspiron 5150, 768mb RAM, almost three years old, recently reformatted) up to speed for my development needs. This included installing Crystal Advanced Developer 10 (required for one of the webapps that I am doing maintenance on).

So I installed it, as I have done on a number of computers in the past. I then went and tried to run browse the webapp in question (using http://localhost/appName) and received an HTTP 500 error (IE7 politely told me that this indicated a server error, and that the website might be under maintenance).

I tried loading a totally different webapp that had nothing to do with Crystal. Same error. Reboot, same error. Not good.

So I looked in the System Event Viewer, and saw a bunch of the following warnings:

The server failed to load application ‘/LM/W3SVC/1/Root/appName’. The error was ‘General access denied error’

OK. What is that supposed to mean? And why was it killing all of my webapps?

After a little bit of Googling, I found a page by Brett Hill in IIS Insider (March 2005), with one of the subsections titled: Resolving the Error: The server failed to load application…

The most likely cause of this problem is that the DTC coordinator service has not started. If it has started, then look in the Event Viewer for a message regarding a failed logon for the IWAM_servername account.

So I went into Services, and the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service was running. I stopped the service and restarted it, and voila, all of my sites would run again. Hopefully this situation will continue after my next reboot. If it does, the above article has some more advice on ways around this.

I have installed this program a number of times already on other machines without experiencing this error. Anyone know what may have caused it.

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