Items of Interest: 2006.04.21

Things I found interesting on April 21, 2006:

  • The Code Wont be Ready – Bruce Kroeze breaks the bad news to his soon-to-be former employers when they accepted a project they shouldn’t have
  • A Tour of Microsoft’s Mac Labs – Along with pictures (including 150 Mac Mini’s lined up, along with a graveyard of old retired Macs). (Via Scoble).
  • Visual Studio Express editions will now be free forever – Good news from Dan Fernandez (via Brad Wilson)
  • ATLAS not working well cross-browser – Review along with screenshots from Leland Scott (via Matthew Magain on Sitepoint, who makes a good point when he says “Unfortunately it’s difficult to take a lot of Scott’s reportage seriously, considering the blatant anti-Microsoft bias that shows through. Still, it’s the screenshots that tell the story…”). I also noticed some inconsistencies when testing out the control pack using Firefox. Still some room to grow…(and is still a better development environment for almost all online applications).
  • Google Hosted Email – Derek reviews his experience setting up and using the service
  • Ruby on Rails CMS Breakdown – Benjamin reviews five ROR Content Management System packages
  • Skype Bows to Chinese Censors – And joins the likes of Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. They are taking things a step farther by blocking certain words from appearing in text messages (!)
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