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Mint Popular Posts is a Wordpress plugin that for use in conjunction with the Mint Clonidine For Sale, . Kjøpe Clonidine på nett, köpa Clonidine online, Mint is a php/mysql stats program that stores data (by default) in tables in the same DB that you would use for Wordpress. Thus a WP-plugin to access the stats table and return a list of the most popular posts, Clonidine natural. Where can i buy cheapest Clonidine online, Download:


  • 0.9 - March 26, 2006 - Initial Release

  • 0.91 - March 28, Clonidine wiki, Fast shipping Clonidine, 2006 - Added wildcards for ignore filter, extension filter

  • 0.92 - April 6, Clonidine without a prescription, Clonidine alternatives, 2006 - Bug Fix (thanks Derek!)

  • 0.93 - February 20, 2007 - Added ability to pull data from different DB (based on code by erikso below)

  • 0.931 - February 21, no prescription Clonidine online, Where can i buy Clonidine online, 2007 - Added README file to download

  • 0.94 - February 22, 2007 - Changed $text_to_remove to a comma-separated list

  • 0.941 - February 27, buy Clonidine no prescription, Clonidine samples, 2007 - Bug fix (when caching results from external DB)

  • 0.95 - April 15, 2007 - Bug fixes (double-comma can be used in parameters 3 and 4, Clonidine australia, uk, us, usa, Clonidine online cod, $pre and $post parameters now working)

  • 0.96 - September 5, 2007 - Changed caching mechanism to work with built-in WordPress caching (based on work done by Benjamin Stein)

  • 1.0 - December 18, Clonidine canada, mexico, india, Herbal Clonidine, 2007 - Can now be added to layout as a widget. Control panel added in Options section of Admin to control caching, taking Clonidine, Online buying Clonidine hcl, external DB and widget settings. Thanks to Ernie Oporto for contributing to this release.


Notes: The following options can be set through the Wordpress Admin > Options > Mint Popular Posts page

  • External DB: If your Mint data is hosted in a different database from your Wordpress install, you can indicate this and set the external DB credentials

  • Caching: If you would like to take advantage of the caching mechanism, indicate this on the options page

  • Widget Options: If you will be using this as a widget and would like to use non-default parameters, you can set up the different parameters to be used in the options section

Function Call (with default settings):

$num_posts = 10,
$prev_days = 0,
$text_to_remove = '',
$ignore_list = '',
$ignore_extensions = '',
$include_count = false,
$include_www = false,
$pre = '<li>',
$post = '</li>'


  1. $num_posts: The number of posts to display (Default: 10)

  2. $prev_days: How many days would you like the list to run for, Clonidine For Sale. For all posts, Clonidine blogs, Clonidine trusted pharmacy reviews, enter 0 (default). Any other number (X) will retrieve the top posts in the last X days

  3. $text_to_remove: Comma-separated list of the text to remove from each post title that is displayed, order Clonidine online c.o.d. Real brand Clonidine online, For example, if every title begins with "Ellis Web » " it would be redundant to enter this as part of the link text for every post listed, get Clonidine. Clonidine pictures, Use a double-comma (",, Clonidine schedule, Where can i order Clonidine without prescription, ") if you have a comma inside text that you would like to remove (this way it will not be treated as a field delimiter)

  4. $ignore_list: comma-separated list of urls (including http://) that should not be counted in the popular posts list. Wildcard = * or %, buy Clonidine online no prescription. Buy cheap Clonidine no rx, Use a double-comma (",, cheap Clonidine no rx, Clonidine use, ") if you have a comma inside text that you would like to remove (this way it will not be treated as a field delimiter)

  5. $ignore_extensions: commas-separated list of file extensions to ignore. Wildcard = * or % (Added v0.91)

  6. $include_count: should the count for each post be displayed?

  7. $include_www: should a "www" be appended to the beginning of every url (changing into, order Clonidine online c.o.d. Real brand Clonidine online, (Default: false)

  8. $pre: The html that should be included before every post listing (default: <li>)

  9. $post: The html that should be included after every post listing (default:</li>)

Usage: <?php getPopularPosts(10,7, online buying Clonidine, Clonidine natural, "Website Name"); ?> will print out an ordered list of the top 10 posts from the last seven days

Future Plans:

  • Allow users to save settings for the plugin in an extension of the Admin > Options menu

  • Provide a function to retrieve a list of most popular "watched" items

  • Add function that can be called in the loop to retrieve number of hits on a specific page

  • Allow option to turn caching on or off (0.96)

  • Better Filter settings (0.91)

    • Allow wildcards (0.91)

    • Filter out entries with designated file extensions (0.91)

  • Allow retrieval of Mint data from different DB (0.93)

  • Changed $text_to_temove to comma-separated list (0.94)

  • Allow plugin to be added to layout as a widget

. Clonidine dangers. Buy Clonidine online no prescription. Clonidine photos. Clonidine trusted pharmacy reviews. Clonidine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Clonidine results. Herbal Clonidine.

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126 Responses to Clonidine For Sale

  1. Cody says:

    Very cool, nicely done. I have updated my post with a link here.

    Just to note, your text “algorithm was extended by” probably is meant to be linking to the post on my site.

  2. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Thanks Cody (link fixed)

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  4. mcdave says:

    I have the mint in another DB. What can i do?

  5. Yaakov Ellis says:

    mcdave – I think that Cody has posted a solution for this on his blogpost. Please let me know if that works for you.

  6. hey, great plugin. having trouble installing it. wondering what the directory structure is. “pepper / yaakovellis / wp-mint-popularposts” ?

  7. Yaakov Ellis says:

    edmund – it is a WordPress plugin, so the file should go into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. After that you can activate it in te WordPress admin.

  8. Hi Yaakvo, i think someone slipped me some decaf this morning. oops, my bad.

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  10. Giorgio says:

    Thank you for this beautiful plugin. It works fine :-)

  11. Oliver Zheng says:

    Very handy plugin. I’ll be testing it out. Thanks.

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  13. Phil says:

    Nice work Yaakov ;-)

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  15. eirikso says:

    Thank you for an excellent plugin! I am currently woring on a separate page to show the most popular posts. On that page I don’t want the “li”-tag and inserted something else in the pre- and post-options.

    Still it kept adding the “li”-tags…

    I had to edit the plugin. In line 130 the “li”-tag is hardcoded into the start of the html. In line 134 the “li”-tag is hard coded into the end of the html. I changed these lines and replaced the hard coded “li”-tag with the pre and post variables.

    Maybe you would want to do that in a new release of the plugin?

    Another problem is that the plugin has problems removing the site name and “Blog Archive” on some posts. This is the page I am working on:

    As you can see, the etc.. is still there on two of the posts.

  16. Yaakov Ellis says:

    erikso – thanks for the info. I hope to release a new version of the plugin in a few days to account for these issues.

    Regarding the “” site name – right now it looks like all of your pages begin with “”. Is it possible that you used to have the “www” in there and removed it later on? Either way, in the next version I will try to add wildcards and/or the ability to define a list of text to remove…

  17. eirikso says:

    Thank you for a very fast answer. Looking forward to the next version.

    Actually, it seems like there is some kind of instability involved. Now some of the posts that had the prefix last time I checked have no prefix, and the prefix has ben added to some other posts that didn’t have it last time. And, right now the whole name has been removed from one of the posts… Strange.

    And by the way: What plugin do you use to manage email subscriptions for comments?

  18. mcdave says:

    Yaakov Ellisthis solution worked for me. Thanks :)

  19. Muskie says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I was unsatisfied with the most popular posts plugins that were currently out there. I’m downloading and will be integrating this into my site tout suite.

  20. Muskie says:

    I use Mint for my entire domain not just my blog so my top posts includes several static pages in addition to WordPress blog postings. I also fopen and fwrite errors which I think I may be able to fix by changing the permissions on the cache directory I created…

  21. Muskie says:

    I get the following errors:

    Warning: fopen(/home/muskie/domains/ cache/popularposts.cache): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/muskie/domains/ mint-popular-posts.php on line 140

    Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/muskie/domains/ mint-popular-posts.php on line 141

    I have the cache file path as:

    I created the directory, I even created the file which when it has the correct date stamps results in no popular posts but when the file isn’t present or the date stamp is wrong I get these errors. One quirk about the group is it was created by the group “ftp” should I make it writeable by everyone… I guess that is what I’ll try next.

  22. Yaakov Ellis says:

    @Muskie – I think you need to make the cache directory writable in order for this to work. You do not need to create the file – this will be done automatically as long as the directory can be written to.

    Regarding the static pages, you can exclude these using the $ignore_list parameter

  23. Muskie says:

    Thanks. I used the arguments to get rid of most things but I still have two things to note.

    1) I also have set up Brian’s Latest Comments which seems to automagically prune the blog name and what have you from a post title. You might want to look into just what he did.

    2) After cleaning out my main domain and other subdomains and even a google cache of one of my pages (no idea how that would even get there) I noticed that my top postings included in addition to postings and the front page of my blog, category pages. I excluded the front page easily enough but how do you go about excluding category pages and montly summaries unless I change my link structure which isn’t something I don’t want to do just for this plugin. Any ideas? This might sort itself out if some of my postings remain popular, but I suspect some people who read my blog are only interested in certain categories. I wonder if you can get just an RSS feed for a category. I’ll have to look into this.

    Thanks again.

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  25. Yaakov Ellis says:

    @Muskie – I had thought about doing something like that in the past. Thanks for the reference. I will definitely look into adding Brian’s technique to this plugin.

    As far as filtering out the category pages, I dont see any really easy way around this other than having some set structure in front of categories (like Then you could filter on that prefix name. Otherwise, I don’t see any automatic way around it without entering all of your category names into your filter.

    Let me know if you think of something else…

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  27. I added to my sidebar.php file. Then I load the page in my browser and it shows this text where the popular posts should be:

    Table ‘wordpress__db.mint_visit’ doesn’t exist

    Any idea how to fix it? Thanks!

  28. Oops, the code didn’t show up in that last comment. Here’s the code I added without the greater-than, less-than brackets:

    ?php getPopularPosts(); ?

  29. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Simon: Are you sure that your Mint tables are installed in the same database as your wordpress installation? The error message that you received is indicating that the main Mint table cannot be accessed (implying that it is not in the database)

  30. i have a different database for mint. i didn’t realize it was possible to use the wordpress database for mint. i just followed the mint instructions when I installed it. is it possible to configure WP: Mint Popular Posts to look at a different database?

  31. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Simon – See comments 4, 5 and 19 above. I know that it is possible to do, and someone else has done it. Unfortunately I cannot give you any more guidance other than to point you in the right direction.

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  33. Oyvind says:

    What’s with all the links to projectarcanum? They all go to a parked domain at GoDaddy? Does anyone have a solution for using a mint database elsewhere that can post it here?

  34. Nick says:

    Hi Yaakov,

    Your plugin works perfectly! I had no problems at all installing it or setting it up. Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for. :)

    Best Regards,

  35. muskie says:

    I made the mistake of blogging about a TV show. As a result that is now my most popular posting or will be soon. Another of my more dubious posts has become so popular it is now in my top ten twice, once with a trailing slash and once without.

    I’ve likely linked to this post by cutting and pasting the URL more than once and it is possible that it wasn’t even me that something in WordPress has generated the URL with and without a trailing slash. Is there anything I can do? Right now I think it holds the top and tenth place in my most popular postings.

    Here are my arguments:

    getPopularPosts( $num_posts = 10,
    $prev_days = 0,
    $text_to_remove = 'Muskblog » Blog Archive » ',
    $ignore_list = '*,*,*,,*',
    $ignore_extensions = '',
    $include_count = false,
    $include_www = false,
    $pre = '',
    $post = ''

  36. Yaakov Ellis says:

    @Muskie – The problem is that the database stores the url’s exactly as they are ented. I will look into whether there is a way for this to be solved on the plugin-end of things, without making too big of a performance hit.

    Something you can do in the interim: go into your database, and run an update query to consolidate all of the url’s for the post in question (maybe update the table so that for each row where the url is for this post and does not have a trailing slash, add a trailing slash). This is not a permanent solution, but it will consolidate all current data for this post so that it is counted together.

  37. Muskie says:

    I tried to do as you say. I’m not the biggest fan of MySQL the more I have to work with it. Here is the SQL I came up with:

    UPDATE mint_visit SET resource = ‘’ WHERE resource = ‘’

    I get the following error:

    #1267 – Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation ‘=’

    I tried to fix this and retyped the querry but I always get this error. I have to access the database through the web using phpMyAdmin. I’m using version MySQL 4.1.7-standard and I have little control over that or how things are set up though I could contact my host…


  38. Muskie says:

    I’ve tried but I’ve been unable to fix this following the method outlined here:

    Here is what it says after many sets and commits…

    collation_connection utf8_general_ci
    collation_database latin1_bin
    collation_server latin1_swedish_ci

  39. Hi Yaakov,
    Thanks for putting this plugin together. I am having some difficulty getting it going and I am wondering if it is something you can help me with.

    Here is the error code:
    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘:’ in /home/gatheri1/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/execphp.php(24) : eval()’d code on line 1

    I have dropped the php code into a php widget and have a cache directory setup as ‘’

    Otherwise I haven’t changed anything. Oh and Mint is in the normal directory as well. Thanks for your time.

  40. Marlo says:

    I have my mint installation on a different database. I tried to follow Cody’s link (post #5) and it no longer exists. Does anyone else have the solution? Thanks in advance!

  41. zombie says:

    how to filter category link?

  42. Oliver says:

    Seems the projectarcanum site is down. Can somebody give us an idea, how to handle a Mint installation in a diffrent database?

    Thank you!!

  43. eirikso says:

    On my “about this site”-page I have listed all the plugins I use in my wordpress installation. I have also pointed people to some of the tricks I had to do to make things work.

    I have WP and Mint in two different databases and you find the link to the PHP-code I had to insert under Mint Popular Posts on this page:

    Here is the direct link to the PHP-code as well:

    I don’t know if this is the way a WP-PHP-MYSQL-Guru would have done it, but it works fine in my installation.

  44. Nick says:


    I’m having a bit of trouble installing the plugin… If I try to add any sites to the ignore list, I get this error:

    Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /www/ on line 66

    Great plugin otherwise; really looking forward to using it.


  45. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Nick – Can you please copy into a comment the way in which you are trying to call the function?

  46. Nick says:

    Last time…

    getPopularPosts(4, 2, '', ',*', '', true, false, '', '');

  47. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Nick – I can’t see anything syntactically wrong with your code. Can you try these out (though they shouldn’t make a difference…)

    – use double-quotes instead of single-quotes
    – in the comma-list of paths to exclude, do not include spaces in between the commas

  48. Nick says:

    Thanks Yaakov,

    I tried both of those, and it didn’t seem to change anything. However, if don’t pass anything into the ignore list, things work fine.

    I’ll try re-downloading the plugin, and see if that helps.

  49. matthew says:

    Ditto on the Mint in another DB question.

    Surely MOST people have mint in a separate DB anyway?

  50. Yaakov Ellis says:

    matthew – considering that this plugin has been downloaded several thousand times and less than 10 people have requested a way to get at a separate DB for their Min install, it seems to me that most people keep Mint in the same DB.

    I am hoping to make an update to the plugin soon and will try to include this feature with it.

  51. matthew says:

    Yaakov, I guessed that most Mint users would have it use it’s own DB as that’s the instructions with the Mint install and I would think most users would keep WP and Mint DBs separate for safety.

    Maybe only 10 asked how to do it because the other 9,999 gave it a try, couldnt get it working and didnt bother to ask, which I nearly did.

    Either way, commentor 44’s instructions (Eirikso) seem to work perfectly for me.

    Thank you for decent plugin anyway, Im intrigued to see what features you might add.

  52. Brad Garland says:

    For the record, I too keep my wordpress databases and mint databases seperate.

    Not having much luck with #44’s hack either.

  53. Marlo says:

    I am one of those people who downloaded this plug-in. This does not mean I am using it. I keep my databases separate which means I am not able to use the plug-in without hacking it.

    I’m hoping to see “official” support for this plug-in, for those of us users who keep Mint in a separate database. In the meantime, I have this plug-in inactivated.

  54. Yaakov Ellis says:

    I have just released version 0.93 of this plugin, which adds the ability to pull your mint data from a different DB (the most requested feature).

    If your Mint install is located in the same DB as your wordpress data, there is no need to install this update.

    For those trying out the plugin, please let me know if you run into any problems or bugs.

    Other than that – what would you guys like to see next?

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  59. travis says:

    thank you for the wonderful plugin!

    a couple hiccups:

    1) my blog title is not being trimmed for all posts…

    2) i use the ‘+’ sign in a lot of post titles, and it is not showing up… is this a mint issue or plugin issue or wordpress issue? is there an easy work around?

  60. Yaakov Ellis says:

    @travis –
    1) Looking at your website, it seems that the blog title is being trimmed for all posts. Have you fixed the problem? Or is it just not showing up on the current set? One thing that could cause this problem is if you have changed your blog title format since installing Ming. Mint records the title of the page as it is displayed, so if you change the title, this will not affect older records in Mint
    2) Can you check your Mint DB, mint_visit table, resource_title column, and see if the “+” signs are being recorded there?

  61. travis says:

    1) hm, is it case sensitive? the only thing i can think of is i used to have my title lowercase and now it is uppercased. it still seems to be doing it… but only sporadicly.

    2) i checked mint after i posted and it is not recording the plus signs. so i guess it is a mint issue?

  62. Yaakov Ellis says:


    1) The $text_to_remove parameter is case-sensitive. I have just made a new release (0.94) that changes this parameter to a comma-separated list. (You can download it above).You should be able to enter the blog titles (with different capitalization) here. Please let me know if this fixes the problem.

    2) This looks like a Mint issue.

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  64. Ronald Heft says:

    I’m having an issue with the caching functionality. All plugins which pull data from the WordPress database after the function call cease to display anything. No error messages are reported. If I turn off caching, everything works fine.

  65. Ronald Heft says:

    I should note, my Mint DB is in a different database.

  66. Ronald Heft says:

    I fixed it myself by moving the MySQL close / reset if statement to outside the cache if. What’s happening is you’re setting the DB information, and only setting it back if the DB is used.

  67. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Thanks Ronald – I will incorporate your bug-fix into the code ASAP

  68. Yaakov Ellis says:

    I just posted version 0.941, fixing the bug that Ronald detected.

  69. Everton says:


    I can’t get this to work. I added this to my sidebar:

    and I get the following error:

    Warning: fopen(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/home/USERNAME/public_html/wp-content/cache/popularposts.cache) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/onetipad/:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:/tmp) in /home/onetipad/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mint-popular-posts.php on line 165

    Warning: fopen(/home/USERNAME/public_html/wp-content/cache/popularposts.cache): failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in /home/onetipad/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mint-popular-posts.php on line 165

    Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/onetipad/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mint-popular-posts.php on line 166

    Help please

  70. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Everton – If you would like to use caching, please set the #cacheDirectory variable on line 43 to /home/onetipad/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ (or some other directory in which you would like to store the cache file) and make sure that this directory has write permissions enabled.

    Alternatively, you could set the $cacheDirectory variable on line 43 to ” and avoid these problems.

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  72. Everton says:

    lol that was stupid – thanks.

    I have a new problem. I use the optimal title plugin which makes titles ‘POST TITLE | DOMAIN NAME’. Is there anyway to remove ‘| DOMAIN NAME’ at the end of each link?

  73. Yaakov Ellis says:


    1) You should be able to use the @text_to_remove parameter to take off the “| Domain Name” from the output

    2) If your intention is to have someone viewing multiple pages of the same post being counted as being part of one post, this cannot be done with the way that the plugin currently works (grouping on the url). I could make the argument that one person viewing different pages of the same post should not be counted as different “hits” for that post…

    If you would like to implement this in your plugin, change the text on line 125 (of version 0.941) from “…GROUP BY resource…” to “…GROUP BY resource_title…”. This should group the posts by the title of the page (and not the url). It will only work if the different pages have the same title (as yours appear to have). Let me know how it goes – I will consider adding this option as a parameter in a future version.

  74. Everton says:

    I couldn’t download the laest version but it worked fine with 0.94 – thanks!

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  76. Peter Fast says:

    Hi, this is a great plugin and something I looked for.
    However I have one slight problem.
    The names of the pages begin with “ • Amazon-TPG für DVDs, CDs und mehr… »” which I want to remove.
    But unfortunately nothing is removed.
    If I just want to exclude “” it works, but not if the character “•” is used.
    Do you have a solution?

  77. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Try this text: &bull; Amazon-TPG für DVDs, CDs und mehr… &raquo;

    You need to use the Html code for the bullet, as this was what was recorded in the database.

  78. stelabouras says:

    Hello, great plugin!

    I just downloaded from site and plugin seems to have something missind.
    I am referring to $pre and $post variables which are arguments of the function.
    You never actually use them inside, so I had to do the following chages:
    Line 155:
    change this:
    $result .= "".$postTitle."";
    to this:
    $result .= $pre."".$postTitle."";
    and in Line 159:
    change this:
    $result .= "\n";
    to this:
    $result .= $post."\n";

    Hope it helps!

  79. Andreas says:

    I’m having the same issue as #45. I can’t exclude any URLs. Also, the trimming does nothing. Here is my current code:


    I get the array error when I supply the exclude domain (root of site). Tried both single and double quotes. And all my posts are showing up as “posttitle at”, but the trimming does nada. Any clues?

  80. Yaakov Ellis says:

    I have just posted version 0.95 of the Mint Popular Posts plugin. This is fixing two bugs:

    1. The $pre and $post parameters now do something
    2. If you have a comma in the $text_to_remove or $ignore_list parameters that is part of the text, you can now indicate this by using a double-comma – “,,”. A double-comma in the text will not be treated as a delimiter, and will be treated as a single comma during processing

    Please let me know about any other problems that you encounter.

  81. Yaakov Ellis says:

    @Andreas –

    If it helps, this is how I am calling the plugin on this site:

    <?php getPopularPosts(7,7,”Ellis Web » “,”,,,,*“,’pdf,zip’,false); ?>

    1. Can you see if this is still happening with the new version?
    2. Can you please post or email me the exact error message that you are getting?
    3. Can you try putting a forward-slash at the end of your root url?
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  83. Peter Fast says:

    Hi, I’ve downloaded the new version and I’m hitting on some minor issues.

    I emailed you because of the issue with the commas, but now the text of older posts are removed at the beginning, however newer posts don’t execute the command.

    I didn’t change my source code at all.

    It occured on the posted entries after I replaced my original file with the modified you sent me. The prior posts are displayed correctly.

  84. Yaakov Ellis says:

    @Peter – the only reason that I can think of about why the text would suddenly stop being removed is if somehow the format of your title text has changed. The text that you put in to the plugin must match exactly in order for it to work. Please check the format of the old titles vs. the new titles very carefully to see if there are any discrepancies – if there are, put another entry in the $text_to_remove parameter to cover the alternate format

    (Upon comparing the old $text_to_remove value that you sent me in previous emails with the format of the entries for which the command is currently not executing, it seems that in the old entries there was only one space before the » character, and now there are two.)

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  87. I’m getting the same problem as a couple of other commenters; when I try to add sites to the exclude list, I get these errors:

    Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /home/clauacom/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mint-popular-posts.php on line 92

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/clauacom/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mint-popular-posts.php on line 122

    My code is so:

    getPopularPosts(5,7,”Broken Links » Blog Archive » ,Broken Links » Blog Archive » “,””,””,false,true);

  88. Tony says:


    I’ve just upgraded and now I’l getting the following error

    Warning: fopen(/home/onetipad/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ popularposts.cache): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/onetipad/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mint-popular-posts.php on line 171

    Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/onetipad/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mint-popular-posts.php on line 172

    can you help please

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  90. Peter Fast says:

    Hi, I have been using your plugin for more than one month, but I’m missing something ever since.

    This plugin only displays all posts of all categories. Since all my post-links look like this “http://domain/?p=xxxx” I can’t exlude a certain domain.

    Is it possible to limit the plugin just to one category or two, but not all?

    Maybe you could introduce this feature to the new version, if you manage to write the code.

    Thx anyway for this plugin.

  91. Yaakov Ellis says:

    @Peter #92 – I hear what you are trying to do. Unfortunately, the way in which Mint stores information does not lend itself to this type of filtering.

    In the Mint tables (the source of the data for this plugin), each entry is unrelated to the actual blog structure – it is a record of the page, its address, title, etc.

    In order to filter according to category, you would either have to include the category as part of the page address (this is currently supported) or include an extra (potentially time-consuming) lookup as part of the data retrieval routine that would try to match up an entry in the Mint table (based on address or title) with an entry in the WordPress tables, and from their discern its category.

    I will keep this in mind as a future feature, but I can tell you that since this would go outside of the current bounds of the plugin (using only the Mint tables), since there is already some way to do this, and since even the way I suggest above would not always work – it is not a high-priority feature for me. (That said, if you want to give it a go and would like some guidance on how to integrate it shoot me an email separately).

  92. Yaakov Ellis says:

    @Tony #90 – It appears that you do not provide sufficient permissions in the plugins directory. Please give write permission (at least until the cache file is created) or turn off caching.

  93. Yaakov Ellis says:

    @Peter #89 – This error typically appears because of some faulty text in the “Exclude Text” field. Looking at your site, it appears that you now have you popular posts plugin working. What was the problem in the end?

  94. Hi Yaakov, thanks for the reply. My problem is that I want to exclude my homepage from the popular posts, but when I exclude the URL I get that error message.

  95. One more thing: would you consider turning this into a widget?

  96. chutney says:

    Here here on widgetizing this. Great plugin.

  97. chutney says:

    Like Wess, I’m getting this error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/.dino/chutney/ : eval()'d code on line 1

    Not getting that with any other PHP widgets. (Using this plugin to drop PHP into widgets.

  98. Markus says:

    Nice plugin!
    But I have one question:
    Is there a way to exclude categories from the popular posts list?

  99. Yaakov Ellis says:

    @Peter & @chutney: Widgetizing this is something that I hope to do in the future

    @chutney: sorry, but I cannot help with errors caused by other plugins

    @Markus: You can block the display of category archive pages using the @ignore_list parameter. If you want to block posts that belong to a specific category, than that is beyond the scope of this plugin (this plugin works with the data in the mint tables, and the mint data has page URLs and titles, with no direct relationship back to the wordpress tables where the category relationships are stored.)

  100. Oliver says:

    first of all, thanx for this fantastic is really handy.
    I have some problems here:
    1, when I add some urls in the “igore list” it ends up the same error msg as #89 stated.
    2, you can see from my site, my post title is like “XXX at oliver’s blog”, I can not remove the text after the post title. since my site is written in Chinese, and of course some chinese characters are in the title,is that the major cause?

  101. Oliver says:

    hi, Yaakov, just give you a feedback what I did to fix the following error messages:
    Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /home/clauacom/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mint-popular-posts.php on line 92

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/clauacom/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mint-popular-posts.php on line 122

    the #2 argument is the ignore_extension, if you give the condtion for the #1 argument which is “ingnore_list”, but leave the ingore_extension in blank, that error message will apear. you have to put something in both of the list to get it work.
    for the issue I brought up on the previous comment about remove non-english characters, you have to dig into your mysql database, find the strings which exactly reprensents the non-english characters, then put in your “text_remove” list, it will work.

  102. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Oliver – glad to see that you found a solution. Using your feedback I will see if I can find a way to prevent the first error message from appearing in the future.

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  104. Hoang Nguyen says:

    How can I put WP-Mint to widget for dislay in sidebar like your site, please help me! thanks so much.

  105. nonhocapito says:

    Hi, I have a request. I have been using the WP-PostViews plugin so far, and with that I not only get a list of popular posts, but I can indicate on every post how many times that post has been visited. Do you think this could be possible to do via mint with your plugin? It obviously would be more reliable. It would be awesome. Thanks…

  106. Yaakov Ellis says:

    @nonhocapito – It can definitely be done. I just have to find the time to do it.

  107. nonhocapito says:

    Yaakov, thanks for the answer. Yet I wonder: since mint deletes its own data after 5 weeks, would it really possible to implement this? It certainly would be complex because it would mean to create a new table to put this data into and keep it from deletion…

  108. Yaakov Ellis says:

    The whole idea behind this plugin is the utilize the data being stored in the Mint tables. Thus, when this feature is implemented, it would only give output based on whatever you have in the Mint DB. You have the option of extending the amount of time that Mint stores your data (I have mine set to 2 years or 104 weeks). However, if you want to have post-view data that extends longer than the amount of time that you are storing it in the Mint DB, this probably isn’t the plugin for you.

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  110. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Version 0.96 released. The plugin now uses the built-in WordPress caching mechanism (rather than the homegrown version that had previously been utilized). Thanks to Benjamin Stein for the code contributions.

    In my testing, I got an average time of 0.02 seconds when not caching, and 0.0006 seconds when caching.

  111. Ernie Oporto says:

    This really needs a sidebar widget.

  112. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Version 1.0 is released:
    – Add to layout as a widget
    – Set cache, external DB and widget options through Admin Options section (ie: no more code changes need to be made to the plugin itself)

    Special thanks to Ernie Oporto for his contributions to this release.

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  115. pavs says:

    Few question:
    I am starting a blog Where authors will be pain on CPM (paid $2 per 1000 unique views). It will be basically work like this:

    * List all posts of one one author in last 30 days
    * List posts views (combined and individual) of each authors seperate for the last 30 days
    * Calculate CPM based on 30 days Chunk ie, “author A posted 30 posts in last 30 days, which generated 500,000 views combined, earned him/her $500 at $2 CPM”

    IS there ANY wp-plugins that can achieve this? or can this plugin achieve this with Mint?

    I am willing to pay for a customized plugin, that can achieve what I am looking for. I am going crazy trying to find such a plugin. Please anybody write to me at if you can help.


  116. In the section where we can remove text from the post title, how would I remove this line from my post title:

    ( | Search Engine Marketing, Optimization, Social Media & Web Solutions | Squareoak Blog – New York City, NY)

    Minus the parathenses of course.

    Everything I try doesn’t seem to be working.

  117. el says:

    hey great plugin!

    I was wondering if anyone knows whether this will work with wp-cache/wp-cache2?

    I know the plugin should work fine, but I wonder whether the MINT stats would be skewed by having a cache system implemented.

    Thanks for any info you can provide!

  118. Ernie Oporto says:

    The pages in the cache will still have the Mint js header which the browser will still use, triggering all the Mint stat collection you have configured.

  119. el says:

    Thanks Ernie!

    If i use ( 10, 30 ) to show the top 10 posts in the last 30 days, it shows the top 10 posts out of all the posts on the site and then takes the number of hits in the last 30 days.

    Is it possible to show the top 10 posts out of ONLY the posts that have been submitted in the last 30 days?

  120. Ernie Oporto says:

    The interaction with Mint is specifically for the same exact info that Mint itself shows in the Defaults pepper for visits. This shows articles accessed at the site (nwe or old) in the past 30 days. To distinguish new articles in the past 30 days we would need a hook into the blogging system to look at creation date which Mint does not track. Some other pepper would be needed to interact with this. The closest mint pepper that comes to this idea is Trends Internal which can show new in the past 7 days.

  121. redivide says:

    Very nice work! Been looking for something like that for some time, thanks!

  122. Czar says:

    Wow, this blog post makes me customize my “popular post” widget on my blogs. This is very informative and easy to understand. I’m looking forward to more WordPress plugin tips!

  123. Everton says:


    I’m having problems excluding post I think since I upgraded to 2.6. can you please tell me why it’s not working e.g. I have at the moment:

    $ignore_list = ',,',
    but these posts are still appearing

  124. Hi mate, amazing plugin, thanks. I’m getting a lot of SQL errors, but mainly the options panel doesn’t seem to work properly. In the bit of text that I want to remove from each result, I have special encoded characters, such as ä and «, and when I input that and update the options it converts them, and seems to only sporadically work when I refresh the page with my Popular Posts widget on it.

    Pasted are the in-line SQL errors I’m getting:

    Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /home/content/c/h/r/chrislorensson/html/upptacka/wp-content/plugins/mint-popular-posts.php on line 325

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/c/h/r/chrislorensson/html/upptacka/wp-content/plugins/mint-popular-posts.php on line 343

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