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Read Seth Godin's piece on It's how you tell it Ultram For Sale, . Ultram street price, Short version: there are two jugglers, Chris and Jason, Ultram duration. Purchase Ultram online no prescription, They both do the same routine, except that Chris does it in front of a live audience with three balls and Jason does it in a gym with five, Ultram brand name. Ultram long term, Seth points out how Chris is getting the standing ovation because he makes it look more difficult (even though Jason has a much more difficult job to do with five balls, he makes it look easier), fast shipping Ultram. Cheap Ultram no rx, Ok, fair enough, comprar en línea Ultram, comprar Ultram baratos.

Now check out the trackbacks to Seth's post, from sites devoted to the same topic as Seth's: marketing, presentation, etc: Webinar Blog, Bell Curve Scar, MeetingsNet, Ultram For Sale. Buy no prescription Ultram online, They all say basically the same things as Godin's blog. Some expound on it more than others, buy Ultram without prescription, Ultram schedule, but same message: Chris is more clumsy, gets the audience into it more, Ultram wiki, Purchase Ultram online, puts more into presentation, therefore gets the biggest applause, Ultram from mexico. Ultram used for, My question is (to all of the followers): would you all have come to the same conclusion and made the same post had you not first read Seth's piece and thought to yourselves "good message, let me rephrase it and repeat it on my blog", Ultram blogs. No prescription Ultram online, Perhaps what should be examined here is not how presentation counts more than technical excellence - perhaps we should be talking about how one (influential) marketer's opinion can quickly become gospel without being subjected to much critical analysis (the same is true for other blogging topics, this just seemed like a good example), where can i cheapest Ultram online.

Consider the following:

  • Ultram For Sale, Chris is performing in front of an audience in a performance hall. Ultram canada, mexico, india, He has practiced this routine to get it right and to entertain. He is using three balls, Ultram mg. Ultram dose, He is dressed for his act. He is performing for money (presumably), Ultram samples. He looks at the balls the whole time and makes faces, Ultram For Sale. Ultram dosage, The audience seems to love what he is doing and give him a standing ovation, yet the clip is labeled "Must-See Finale", buying Ultram online over the counter. Canada, mexico, india, Apparently this is the end of his performance. We have no idea what else he has done before this to earn the audience's appreciation, Ultram description. Discount Ultram, Perhaps he juggled 7 balls to the Beatles five minutes before. We have no way of knowing.

  • Ultram For Sale, Jason is performing for no one in a gym. He has also practiced this routine to get it right, Ultram forum. Kjøpe Ultram på nett, köpa Ultram online, He (presumably) had to practice more than Chris, since his act is exponentially harder - five balls instead of three, about Ultram. Where to buy Ultram, He is not dressed up for the act. He looks at the balls the whole time and makes not faces, where can i find Ultram online. He has no audience other than the camera, Ultram For Sale. Buy generic Ultram, He is not aiming to sell tickets and make money. He has not packaged the performance well, Ultram overnight. Taking Ultram, He is doing this to prove the point that just because someone can juggle three balls well doesn't mean that they deserve popular acclaim. Jason has no audience feedback, Ultram alternatives. Ultram For Sale, He has no lights. Ultram interactions, We see the whole performance, nothing more, order Ultram from United States pharmacy, After Ultram, nothing less

Now let me give my version of the Marketing Message to be learned from Jason and Chris. Chris is earning applause because he is performing in front of people, buy Ultram online cod. Jason has no one to clap for him. Therefore there is no stainding ovation.

Or how about this: Jason is a much better juggler, Ultram For Sale. If he dressed up and went to a performance hall and performed (ie: added some audience interaction), which, as a professional juggler and entertainer he most certainly knows how to do, he would kick the pants off of Chris in any popular vote. The message: don't treat two videos that have different contexts as if they are one and the same. It is insulting to your readers.

(Note: I have no disagreement with the message that performance and style counts for more than technical perfection. That is not what I am commenting on here).

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5 Responses to Ultram For Sale

  1. Curt says:

    I don’t always agree with Godin (or anyone else, for that matter). Take Tom Peters, for example. Influential author on leadership and management. I like his writing (in books and blog) and will gladly pay to see him speak, but I think his Powerpoint slides suck, and I tell him so (using softer language) in the comments to his post here:
    The Irreducibles

    In the case at hand, I did agree with Godin but felt that his original post offered only a limited explanation as to why he thought Jason’s performance would earn a less enthusiastic response. The purpose of my post was to expand beyond Godin’s basic message of perceived effort counts and describe the details which I felt make the Bliss performance more memorable to a general audience.

    Look again at your conclusion and Godin’s…
    Jason is a much better juggler. If he dressed up and went to a performance hall and performed (ie: added some audience interaction), which, as a professional juggler and entertainer he most certainly knows how to do, he would kick the pants off of Chris in any popular vote.

    …even though I know how much more difficult Jason’s routine is and how skilled he is, the very ease of his delivery makes it less likely an audience would give him that same ovation.

    Your main point opposes Godin. Great! If you would trackback to his original post like you did to mine, it might challenge him to make a better case for his views in a new post. If he responded, then you could post a counter-argument, etc. I bet I could learn something from both of you :)

  2. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Curt – thanks for commenting.

    I did trackback to Godin. It has not yet been posted to his blog (maybe the trackbacks are moderated and he hasn’t gotten to the queue yet this morning).

    You are right, my main point does oppose Godin’s. The thing that got me started on this post was that I read Godin’s and then read 4 or 5 posts linked to his that seemed to say the same thing (when it didn’t seem to be so clear to me).

  3. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Interesting – of the four trackbacks I sent out for this post (I sent one out to each blog-post that I linked to), Bell Curves Scar is the only one to have it posted yet (6 hours later).

  4. Like Curt, I was commenting on the portion that you don’t seem to have any problem with: Performance style v. technical brilliance. If the two performances took place in the same context, who knows who would win the applause-o-meter ratings? It’d be great if we had that side-by-side comparison, but we don’t. Your conclusion about context is just as hypothetical as Godin’s about apparent ease of delivery is.

    When I viewed the two videos, I tried to strip out the context and just look at whose performance I found to be more engaging. Yes, lighting, sets, etc., can factor into it, but in the end it comes down to the performer. Having seen some amazing performers (again, not necessarily the best technically) blow away crowds in places less glamorous than a gym, and some technically brilliant performers flop in elegant ballrooms, I maintain that the differentiator is not context, but performance style. (And Jason was performing for an audience if he knew his video was going on the Web–I bet more people have now seen his clip than have seen Chris live through his entire career. If he didn’t know it had the potential for an audience, it wouldn’t be out there, I don’t think).

    Also, I find it odd that you object to someone finding an idea they agree with, linking to it, and expanding on it. Why do you assume that those who agree with a post don’t do any critical analysis because we don’t take the same thing from it you do?

    Should we limit limit comments and links only to posts with which we disagree, have a problem with, or believe to be wrong? Frankly, if it’s something I think my readers could learn from, I’ll link to it. If I agree with it, I’ll put in context for my readers and expand on it. If I disagree, I’ll say why. If I miss an important point, someone (like you did today) will let me know, and I’ll chew on it and update my post if I agree that it needs discussion.

    P.S. Anyone else think the amount of emotion surrounding these two videos is getting ridiculous?

    P.P.S. Sorry about taking so long to approve your comment. Sometimes, life gets in the way of a timely response. I hate it when that happens.

  5. Yaakov Ellis says:

    Sue – thanks for commenting

    By all means, do not limit what you have to say to the things with which you disagree (though this will always get you more traffic then agreeing). However, it seemed to me that in this case, everyone was agreeing with Godin a bit too quickly (what I would have done would be to reference Godin’s post, and concentrate much more on Style vs. Talent, less on the example given).

    Here is the line from your post that caught my attention:

    As I watched Jason juggle, it was obvious that he is fantastic at what he does. But I wouldnt hire him for a corporate event. Hes just not engaging. He looks alternatively show-offy, bored, and angry. Bliss seems totally engaged in what hes doing, excited about it, even a little worried. He pulls us into his experience through his showmanship and makes it ours. Jason seems to be doing it all for Jason.

    This line said to me that you were judging both videos as if they had the same context. True, Jason may have been doing it just for Jason. As others have commented, these two videos are getting much more exposure than either of the two jugglers involved would probably have ever imagined. Thus I do not think it too far fetched to say that Jason was treating this as anything more than a chance to prove that three balls is nothing to brag about. From the YouTube page:

    As a juggler, I (and most of my juggling friends) are pretty annoyed by the fact that everyone and their mother (literally) is forwarding us this video and talking about how great the guy is.

    So my friend Jason copied his routine, trick for trick. Only Jason does it with 5 balls. Yep. Five.

    Watch the video, and understand: THIS is great juggling. That Bliss guy may put on a good act, but he is not a good juggler. There is a huge difference.

    The way I read it, this was nothing more than showing off. Granted, it was a lost marketing opportunity for Jason (since he could have added a smile or two), but still should not be judged in the same context as Bliss.

    And I agree, this is getting way too much airtime.

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