Combine Web and Windows Services to Run Your ASP.NET Code at Scheduled Intervals

See the article with this title from MSDN Magazine’s March 2005 issue.

The basic flow of the article:

  1. Create a Web Service that will be called to run the jobs
  2. Create a Windows Service that will call the web service at specified intervals. Create installation package.
  3. Create classes that inherit from a Job class for each job that will need to be run
  4. Set up interface with database to store job timing, populate the job classes when needed
  5. Hook up the jobs to the web service

It does seem to be a little bit more complicated than is needed (the core of it all is the Web Service and Windows Service). However, it does give a very scalable solution for scheduling jobs in – once the initial setup is defined, adding jobs will be pretty simple and it should work pretty well.

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