Found this nifty tool to perform regular expression searches on file (and I didn’t want to pay $150 for PowerGREP). Google helped me out and led the way to baregrep. Works very fast, easy to use interface, yada yada. You can pay them $25 to get rid of the splash screen, or just use it for free. They also have a good one-page regular expression reference, in case you are in need of a little brush-up.

Update: One shortcoming that I have found is that it doesn’t handle Unicode well. The original reason why I needed this tool was so that I could generate a script from Sql Server of all of my Stored Procedures for a certain project, and then search the script for certain text. I find that in order to do this, after I have first generated the script I then need to go and save it again as ANSI (it was created in unicode). Oh well. I guess I can’t really complain too much, given the price that I paid to obtain the software.

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